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March 17, 2023 2 min read

Taking time to self-care is important, especially in our busy lives.

Self-care encompasses a variety of activities; one type of self-care that can be incredibly enriching is exploring art as a way to care for yourself.

Art comes in all shapes and sizes; some people prefer immersing themselves in the detailed brush strokes of painters like Vincent van Gogh, while others feel moved when listening to the intricate melodies of the National Symphony Orchestra.

Everyone has their own way of engaging with art, and it can be an amazing way to center yourself and practice self-care.

Learn about Something New

Exploring art as a form of self-care can involve discovering something new. What new art have you been wanting to learn about?

Is it a painting from the Renaissance era general arts have you not had the opportunity to explore yet?

Or the complex tunes of classical music?

Take a chance to learn something new and appreciate how beneficial it is to your mind. Learning and developing a new skill can increase creativity and motivation and be a great way to bring joy to your day.

Appreciate the Little Details

When it comes to art, there are often certain characteristics that catch our eyes. When you look at a piece of art, whether it be a painting or a performance, they always have small, intricate details that can be easily overlooked.

This self-care activity encourages you to start noticing and appreciating those small, unique details. Having a deeper appreciation for the art form will help you have a closer connection to the work of art and have a more meaningful experience.

Get Connected

Exploring art as a way to self-care also means connecting with others and the larger community.

Attending a concert, a play, or visiting a museum is a great way to do this. Engaging with others around art helps to appreciate the similarities and differences between everyone. Use your time spent with the art to build relationships and have discussions about its themes and meaning.

Getting out and connecting with others is a great way to ground yourself and practice self-care. 

Art as an Outlet

Art can also be a great outlet for expressing yourself and exploring your emotions. Creating art, such as painting or writing, is a great way to express yourself. You can also take the time to think about the emotions that come up as you view certain pieces of art.

No matter what medium you’re engaging with, exploring art as a way to self-care can be an incredibly enriching experience. Spend time mindfully engaging with the art and appreciate the beauty of the different forms of expression.

Let the art speak to you, and in the process of exploring and appreciating the art you explore and appreciate yourself.